Icarus Digital Math
Adaptive Euler Predictive Simulation

— Learn Mathematical Programming!

  • Revolutionary aeroscience: Reliable simulation with Adaptive Euler, direct simulation of natural laws.
  • You can now reliably design, optimize, certify and innovate aircraft, wind turbines, ships, etc. in the web browser, 100x faster and cheaper than industry standard.
  • Strong recognition of breakthrough from NASA, IVA Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, etc.

Contact: Johan Jansson johan@icarusmath.com

Icarus is a spin-off of the Digital Math research environment at KTH: http://digitalmath.tech .

Icarus elected to IVA 100-list - highlighted in trailer
Icarus' breakthrough Adaptive Euler highlighted by NASA at High Lift Prediction Workshop
DigiMat in the Engineer magazine
DigiMat in the Teacher magazine
Icarus at World Expo 2021

Executive team

  • Johan Jansson, CEO and Co-Founder

  • Elin Johansson, CCO and Co-Founder


Featured partners

Leading Formula 1 team

Leading Aircraft company

Leading Airline

Heart Aerospace


Creo Dynamics/Faurecia-Clarion

Nystromer Avionics

Katla Aero

Featured projects

ELISE - electrification of aviation

DigiMat - pervasive Digital Math education

Vinnova - innovation verification

Icarus Industrial Benchmarking (High Lift Prediction Workshop, Automotive, ...)

See the Digital Math research environment for more info about the research underlying Icarus Digital Math.